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Webinar: Holacracy with Brian Robertson

Brian Robertson is the co-founder of Holacracy, a system for self-managed, purpose-driven, companies and the author of the book “Holacracy: The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World”.

Holacracy has been heralded as the solution to organizational challenges but also derided as fostering systems for treating humans mechanistically.

In this webinar, Brian Robertson will provide an overview of Holacracy: What it is, how it came into being, and where it’s headed. Brian will share his perspective on how self-management fits into the future of work, and the types of organizations best suited to this approach. 

Glenn and Brian engaged in a candid discussion of the controversies and drawbacks to Holacracy, followed with practical suggestions with practical suggestions on how organizations considering Holacratic approaches can introduce the process. 

Re-watch the webinar here!