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UPCOMING: Un-conference February 13, 2016



We are gathering on Feb 13th, 2016 for an “un-conference” to explore the future of meaningful and effective work. The world today is increasingly complex with the contributing factors including rapidly changing technologies and how these intersect with humanity.


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A movement is growing that seeks work beyond traditional organizational structures, pure profit motives, and social norms that lack heart. Organizations today must adapt to both rapidly changing technologies and members who increasingly desire more meaningful roles.

This event will be designed by attendees. Anyone can propose a talk or discussion format. Our community will come together to explore issues at the intersection of rapidly developing technologies, an evolving workforce hungry for meaning, and more access to novel solutions than ever before.

Some of the tools and methodologies we bring to the table include (but are not limited by), Agile, LEAN, Holacracy, DevOps, DNI (Diversity and Inclusion), and Reinventing Organizations. San Francisco Chapter

There’s a reason we’ve run organizations the way we have. Our old Command and Control operating model was well-suited for complicated and predictable challenges. Some of these challenges still exist today and may respond to the industrial-era practices that we know so well. However, as the pace of change accelerates, the challenges we face are becoming less and less predictable. Those practices that were so successful in the past are counter-productive in less predictable environments. In contrast, Responsive Organizations are designed to thrive in less predictable environments by balancing the following tensions:

Profit <-> Purpose

Hierarchies <-> Networks

Controlling <-> Empowering

Planning <-> Experimentation

Privacy  <-> Transparency


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Saturday, February 13, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (PST)


PagerDuty - 501 2nd St #100 San Francisco, CA 94107


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Eventbrite - The Future of Work