Responsive Mastermind


Companies participating include:


Now that you’re a part of the Responsive movement, how do you secure leadership buy-in at for your Future of Work initiatives?

How do you drive adoption of new collaboration technologies?

How can you overcome the cultural inertia inside your own organization so that your company and its employees can become faster, more agile, and truly responsive to customers?

These are tough questions, which we are constantly striving to address. At the suggestion of Simon Lowden (CMO of Pepsi Global Snacks), in 2016 we began bringing together a small group of enterprise executives who are striving to solve these organizational challenges within large enterprise companies. The mastermind is an invite-only group which includes leaders from Google, PepsiCo, McDonalds Corporation, Yammer, Chanel, Facebook, and other enterprise companies that are in the midst of cultural change initiatives.

Responsive Mastermind takes place via 1-hour monthly video meet-ups, as well as through occasional in-person events. We bring together an exclusive group of change-makers to learn, collaborate, and network with one another on a monthly basis. Participants hold leadership roles such as:

  • CMO

  • Director of HR

  • Head of Learning and Development

  • Head of Digital Workplace

  • VP of Team Development

  • Head of People

  • Head of Org Design

Some of the topics we’ll explore on a monthly basis include:

  • What does it mean to create a TEAL organization?

  • What are the best techniques for rolling out new Future of Work initiatives, and how do you get leadership buy-in for those initiatives?

  • Do Team of Team approaches always work? Are there places where they aren’t appropriate?


Interested in joining the Mastermind to help shape the Future of Work along with other enterprise-level peers?

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