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Responsive Conference - the annual gathering of Responsive Org community

Responsive Webinar - free and open to the public

Responsive Mastermind - only open to enterprise leaders

Responsive Videos - recored at previous Responsive Conferences

The Responsive Organization - video series created by Microsoft

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In keeping with the fundamental principles of responsive organizations, we want Responsive Org to be as open and networked as possible. With this in mind, we wanted to make it explicit to all members of this amazing community that the brand belongs to everyone and no-one. Everyone is free to create what they want, with the understanding that we all share a commitment to spreading the principles and practices of responsive organizations.

If you've created something you'd like to let others know about, tweet a link with the #ResponsiveOrg hashtag.


Independently organized local communities


These are independently organized communities. While we hope they are valuable, we are not responsible for any aspect related to them.

No COMMUNITY In Your City?

You could start your own. Here's how:

  1. Start a Meetup group (or use an alternative tool).

  2. Consider calling the group "Responsive Org [town/city name]".

  3. If you are particularly interested in an industry or topic, you could create a Responsive[industry or topic] group for a particularly town/city.

  4. Share your event on Twitter with the #ResponsiveOrg hashtag; in our Facebook group, LinkedIn group, or Slack community.