Responsive Org aims to develop a shared language and independent global community that promotes and enables a fundamental shift in our way of working and organizing. We aspire to act as the central hub for Responsive thinkers and practitioners.


Responsive.org is a community committed to creating and growing Responsive Organizations.

The current website, the manifesto, the Facebook group, the Twitter account, and Slack group were originally created by Aaron DignanAdam PisoniMatthew PartoviMike Arauz and Steve Hopkins.

In keeping with the fundamental principles of responsive organizations, we want Responsive Org to be as open and networked as possible. With this in mind, we wanted to make it explicit to all members of this amazing community that the brand belongs to everyone and no-one. Everyone is free to independently create what they want, with the understanding that we all share a commitment to spreading the principles and practices of responsive organizations.

The website and community are now maintained by Robin Zander and small group of Responsive Org volunteers.


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